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General Information

Do you love jigsaw puzzles? So do we. Regrettably, we are not building as many as we would like to. The reasons are simple: not enough personal time to spend on hours-long sessions, not enough space at home to keep half-finished puzzle around for days, or some combination of both.

That’s why we want to give you the ultimate jigsaw puzzle experience with our new game Masters of Puzzle. It’s a full 3D, physics enabled, beautiful simulation that you can enjoy whenever you want with whomever you want. Store your progress and resume at your convenience. Invite friends and loved ones for great multi-player experience or enjoy a solo relaxed session just for you. Keep track of your scores and achievements and of those of your friends. Our incredible game aims to give you as much flexibility and entertainment as possible.

Puzzle Gallery

You can find the currently available puzzles in our gallery here.


Let’s delve deeper into the main features of Masters of Puzzle and see what makes it a special and different game.

Complete 3D Simulation

Forget about flat, 2-dimensional puzzle building. It’s so last century. Instead, let us introduce you to the pleasure of building realistic jigsaw puzzles in a fully simulated, beautiful environment with active physics. Interact with surfaces, items, and the puzzle tiles themselves as if you’re standing in front (or above) of your real-world puzzle table. Use the same approach and habits you’ve always used before – but in a purely virtual scene instead.

Customizable Environments

Is realistic simulation not enough for you? Good, because you can fully customize your playing environment and scenery with high-quality materials and custom-crafted vanity objects that you can earn in-game by various means or purchase in our game shop. Unwind your imagination and make your playing room as unique as you might want.

Procedurally Generated Puzzles

All of our puzzles are generated procedurally based on a huge number of settings – some of these even adjustable by yourself in the game options. Each puzzle box can be sliced and distributed into one of the available box sizes at the start of each individual game. Furthermore, the form and disposition of the puzzle tiles can be completely changed when you create a new game even if you still use the same image and box size. Replay your favorite puzzles again and again with a fresh challenge every single time.

Complexity & Challenge for Every Taste

Speaking of challenge, our current puzzle box sizes include sets of 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, and 4000 tiles. The game aims to provide suitable configuration for every occasion or skill level – both for beginners and veterans alike.

Listen to Your Own Music

Building puzzles in a silent environment might not be fun for everyone. That’s why the game provides you with the functionality to play your music of choice while solving your next jigsaw challenge.

Expand Your Puzzle Collection

The base game comes with a good selection of free puzzles for you to enjoy. At some point though, you might want to try out new or different images. In our in-game shop, you will be able to find a wide selection of beautiful puzzles in various styles and painted by different artists. Once purchased for yourself, these puzzles will be forever available in your personal inventory. The new content will adhere to the same replayability rules as the base content.

Play with Friends or Strangers

Single player might be satisfying at times, but building jigsaw puzzles with others is where the real fun begins. The game features a fully fledged multiplayer, managed by dedicated virtual servers in the Cloud. Maintain friends lists, chat with others in-game or in the general lobby, create or join multiplayer online games both with people you know or complete strangers by using our matchmaking system. Resume your online game at any time with or without the others being present. Leave messages as sticky notes and discuss strategy even if you’re not all present at the same time.*

And Much More…

These are just the main features in Masters of Puzzle, but there are also many others that you will find once you start playing. Additionally, we have plans to expand the game with regular updates and new features as we move forward. Contact us and share what else you’d like to see in the game.

*Note: Multiplayer and all online services require an active Internet connection as well as an active player account in our systems.


To enable highest quality multiplayer and cloud services, we have integrated our game framework with two great cloud applications – PlayFab and Photon. Visit their sites to learn more about what they do and the services they offer.