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Masters of Puzzle 2018.0.6752 Release Notes

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New Features

  • Added new player control for grabbing multiple puzzle tiles together. This feature can be used with Shift + Left Mouse Button by default
  • Added audio manager and playback system. The playback list is currently limited to a single compilation of 9 tracks
  • Added audio options menu with 3 options – mute audio, music volume, and SFX volume. These are directly linked to the audio manager and playback system
  • Added standard GUI controls for the audio playback (play, stop, forward, rewind, repeat, shuffle). These are temporarily located inside the top action bar in the game scene
  • Added the Inspection Lens Connector Arm game object to the puzzle model setting. It is fully animated and its motion now controls the Inspection Lens

General Changes

  • Redesigned the game options GUI panel and controls. These will now show min, max, and current values
  • Game options can now be reset to their default values using the corresponding button in the Options GUI
  • Changed the way the puzzle model image is illuminated. Now it will only be affected by a dedicated light source and will maintain its brightness regardless of angle and position
  • Inspection lens can now be safely moved even if the puzzle model is not currently in close inspection mode
  • Implemented new algorithm for packing the puzzle tiles into the puzzle box at the game start so that their mesh colliders don’t overlap. This should prevent some sporadic issues like exploding tiles or tiles being pushed outside the playing area
  • Implemented new detection algorithm that will sweep at game load time any puzzle tiles currently outside the playing area and put them back into the puzzle box
  • Implemented collision check detection for puzzle tiles and groups while attempting to put them down. It will no longer be possible to put down a tile or a group of tiles if they intersect any other interactable object

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 2017.4.61f
  • Upgraded to Archimatix 1.1.5

Other Changes & Additions

  • Changed game client icon with the new design
  • Player control for lifting the puzzle box is now handled by the control schema factory similar to all other controls
  • Replaced the old inspection lens animations with the new ones for the entire contraption
  • Removed the mesh colliders from all un-interactable model part of the inspection lens contraption to gain performance
  • Improved significantly the movement controls of the inspection lens
  • Added scrolling view to the in-game help menu. This should allow for more text and images on each help page in the future
  • Added some missing information to the in-game help and corrected entries that were no longer valid
  • Added audio mixer with separate channels for music and SFX. All audio playback is now going through the mixer

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the inspection lens handles where they were scaling incorrectly during inspection animations
  • Fixed a performance issue with the inspection lens handles where they were being recreated each frame during inspection animations
  • Fixed a bug with the puzzle model box where it wouldn’t project a shadow on the playing surface
  • Fixed a bug where some GUI options controls were pointing to incorrect system settings
  • Fixed a bug where a puzzle tile group might get broken apart if moved inside the open puzzle box
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