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Masters of Puzzle 2018.0.6879 Release Notes

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Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 2018.3.0b8
  • Upgraded to Amplify Shader Editor 1.5.8
  • Upgraded to Postprocessing Framework 2.0.17

Other Changes & Additions

  • Changed texture scale property of all basic shaders to be per-renderer data
  • Refactored the GeneratedMesh abstract class. It is now a MonoBehavior and will require mesh filter and mesh renderer to be present
  • Improved the GeneratedMesh abstract class with runtime regeneration logic
  • Various improvements to all generated mesh child classes
  • Puzzle tile meshes are now prepared for non-quadratic shapes (i.e. different base width and height)
  • Added helper Component for changing the per-renderer data of mesh materials at runtime

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the player would not get credit in the Halloween competition for completing puzzle boxes not directly related to the event
  • Model box frame missing parts have been recreated and are now once again visible
  • Inspection lens missing handles have been recreated and are now once again visible
  • Fixed a bug (a known issue) where inspections lens can get its parts detached if you move it too fast around the model
  • Fixed incorrect tiling issues for some material textures for several environmental objects
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