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Masters of Puzzle 2018.0.6672 Release Notes

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New Features

  • Puzzle model inspection mode. You can now call the puzzle model to your viewport whenever you want regardless of your current position. The default key is G
  • Inspection Lens game item. While the puzzle model is in inspection mode, you can use the new inspection lens to zoom parts of the image in order to see the finer details
  • Puzzle Model Frame game item. The puzzle model will now have a beautiful fitting frame. For now, it’s only visual asset, but will be used in the future for gameplay as well
  • Puzzle box Categories. The puzzle boxes are now separated into categories that signify a collection or a similar author
  • Puzzle Box Container game item. New games now start with the puzzle tiles generated into the puzzle box container. The container can be opened or closed at will. It will also show the title of the chosen puzzle box and the tileset for the game
  • Redesigned Playing Surface game item. This is your main playground where you put puzzle tiles, the puzzle mat, and any other game item. Enjoy the new and better model available now

New Content

  • Added 1 new category with 2 new puzzle boxes as local game content. The art is provided by our friends from More About Travel. Check their blog here for some wonderful photography

General Changes

  • Altered the player controls so that its movement is unrestricted by default. The current limits have been set only on the vertical axis to still keep it above the playing surface and not too far away at bird view
  • Implemented puzzle category selection GUI when starting a new game. Improved the puzzle box selection GUI and behavior to accommodate the new categories
  • Added modal panel layer to the in-game GUI. This will now allow us to show dynamic system messages and errors during gameplay
  • Added new alternate horizontal movement control for the player. The default is holding the middle mouse button and dragging the mouse
  • Changed the in-game scene for lightmap optimization. Most objects will now pre-exist to allow for the Precomputed Realtime GI to do its job. This should improve the performance especially in the highest quality settings
  • Disabled the puzzle tiles trigger colliders at game start. This will improve drastically the performance in the first few seconds of a new game
  • Created new highly accurate compound colliders for the puzzle tiles to increase realism
  • Added quality settings for Medium, High, and Very High play mode
  • Implemented preservation of player position and rotation when saving and then loading a game
  • Improved the puzzle tile collision triggering and match verification. This should make the gameplay more convenient with matches being identified correctly more often
  • Limited the taken puzzle tiles height to a certain distance of the player controls. This should ensure that taken tiles are always visible by the player holding them

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Archimatix 1.1.0

Other Changes & Additions

  • Created model box inspection animation
  • Created new Brushed copper shader and material
  • Created new Rubber coating (hexagon patter) shader and material
  • Adjustment to the puzzle model light for improved visibility. It will now remain on at all times and will also cast soft shadows
  • Created inspection lens dynamic model
  • Created inspection lens movement animation
  • Created new Lens glass shader and material
  • Created new dynamic shader for rendering the zoomed puzzle image
  • Inspection lens movement speed and zoom factor set as customizable parameters
  • Created puzzle model frame dynamic model
  • Created new Rubber handle shader and material
  • Added remaining items count on the left and right in the puzzle box selection GUI
  • Created new puzzle tile container (variant 1 and 1a) dynamic model
  • Created new puzzle tile container GUI and base logic for container creation
  • Improved the physics settings for all physics materials and the objects using them
  • Implemented logic for putting puzzle tiles into a container with a quick key
  • Created new Paper shader and material
  • Created puzzle box container dynamic model
  • Created new Oakwood surface shader and material
  • Created new play surface dynamic model
  • Created animations for puzzle box container opening and closing
  • Improved the puzzle tiles shader for better image visibility
  • Implemented logic for putting puzzle tiles back in the puzzle box container by dropping them in it
  • Improved the visual indicator when puzzle tiles are linked successfully together or to the puzzle mat. Additionally, all tiles affected by the linkage will also flash briefly
  • Implemented randomized positioning of puzzle tiles when inserted into a container with a quick key

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs related to lighting and occlusion, including with the new inspection lens camera
  • Fixed some bugs related to game item positioning and their layers
  • Fixed a hard-to-track bug that could cause the in-game scene to crash in some rare cases
  • Fixed some bad logic in the player controls
  • Fixed the puzzle mat shader to now show soft shadows properly
  • Fixed several issues with picking up puzzle tiles and moving them around the different play surfaces
  • Fixed a bug with incorrectly generated puzzle tile scale in some cases
  • Fixed a bug where puzzle tiles were always set on the puzzle mat at Y-axis zero
  • Fixed the issues with occasionally generating puzzle tiles at wrong places after game load
  • Fixed a bug where some puzzle tiles had their trigger collider disabled after game load
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