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Masters of Puzzle 2019.1.7454 Release Notes

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General Changes

  • Moved the Report Bug button from the action bar to the game menu while in-game
  • Added mechanism to display notifications in-game

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 2019.3.15f1

Other Changes & Additions

  • Update the local player score after gaining an achievement (instead of calling the server every time)
  • Players are now able to load saved games from other players, but they won’t get any achievements from them
  • Added notification that model cannot be inspected if too close to the playing surface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was awarding puzzle box completion point for puzzles that were already completed once
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some settings received from the game server to not be preserved locally
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the player to get outside game boundaries using only the scroll wheel to move
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing puzzle container labels from being restored on game load
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing puzzle tiles to be packed on top of the puzzle box
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