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Masters of Puzzle 2018.0.6869 Release Notes

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General Changes

  • Improved the scene loading manager. It will now take care of loading all necessary assets, therefore eliminating the previously displayed and very redundant loading bar in the main menu. This change should also improve the loading times somewhat when entering the in-game scene
  • Changed the way puzzle box DLCs are downloaded from inside the game. When starting a new game it will display a notification that the required content is missing and has to be downloaded via a new button in the puzzle box preview. Finish downloading the content will not start the game automatically anymore; instead, it will only unlock the Start Game button
  • Fixed temporarily problems with Archimatix regeneration of objects in the game scene. For the time being the play table will not change its shape to fit the puzzle mat, so you will see a larger than usual black rubber surface under the mat itself. Also, we were forced to temporarily remove a couple of components from the inspection lens setup, which will make the lens look like it’s hanging in the air

Other Changes & Additions

  • Improvements to the in-game lighting options and overall lights configuration
  • Recreated all dynamic models in the game scene to ensure no prefab links exist
  • Generated static lighting data for all scenes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with loading completed games where they were trying to activate unexistent achievements
  • Fixed a bug with positioning the puzzle container box when loading games at a wrong distance from the puzzle mat
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the game event widget from displaying all unlocked achievements properly
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