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Masters of Puzzle 2018.0.6715 Release Notes

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New Features

  • Added back-end support for player statistic gathering. Upon certain events, the game server will now record information about it for each player. This will allow for retrograde awarding of achievements when that functionality is ready.
  • Created an initial version of the Options menu. Currently, it allows for Player Controls modification only but will be expanded with more settings in next releases.
  • Created entirely new functionality for Puzzle Tile Groups. Instead of relying on physics joints alone, the linked puzzle tiles are now also grouped in special containers (invisible for the player). This change allows for a more stable and finer handling of groups of tiles. It also fixes two potentially game-breaking issues (see below).

General Changes

  • When putting down puzzle tiles, the will now be set as close as possible to the highest object currently below them. Previously, they would just drop down by gravity.
  • Changed the formatting of the game timer. It will now show minutes and seconds more clearly.
  • Added puzzle completion check. Upon puzzle completion, a new dialog will be displayed to notify the player about their accomplishment and the time it took to do it.
  • The Player Controls options can now be adjusted and saved between play sessions via the in-game Options menu. These options include camera sensitivity, moving speed, ascend speed, wheel zoom speed, and camera inverting.
  • Removed the tiles sets of 100 tiles from the possible options for a new game. These were only used for testing purposes and never intended to go into the final build. Note that smaller tile sets are currently considered as a future expansion for kids’ puzzles, but for the main version of the game the smallest possible puzzle tileset is of 250 tiles.
  • Picked up puzzle tiles will no longer collide with other objects when moved around. This is a necessary tradeoff between realism and practicality.
  • The puzzle model can now only be called for close inspection if the player is floating above certain distance from the play table (currently that is set to half the model heigh). If the player is below that threshold the puzzle model will remain in its place even if the G key is pressed. Additionally, if the player is holding the puzzle model for inspection and descends below that threshold, the model will automatically release and return to its place.
  • When picked up, the puzzle tiles and puzzle tile groups will now retain their position relative to the point where the mouse pointer was clicked on their surface. This should allow for a finer precision when putting down both puzzle tiles and groups for attempted linking.

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 2017.4.3f1
  • Upgraded to PlayFab SDK 2.40.180507

Other Changes & Additions

  • Added FPS counter in the game scene. It is disabled by default. To enable it, use the Shift + F key combination.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the puzzle container box if already open would spawn in a wrong location after game load.
  • Fixed a bug where the bug reporting menu would show beneath the main menu panels.
  • Fixed a bug where puzzle tiles in some uncommon cases would not link even if they had the correct orientation.
  • Fixed a serious bug where puzzle tile groups would wobble around like a whip when moved or dropped, preventing players from setting them correctly on the mat or controlling them in any precise way.
  • Fixed a serious bug where picked up puzzle tiles and groups would occasionally spin out of control and scatter dozens of other free tiles all across the play table.
  • Fixed a bug where the puzzle model would drop too low over the play table and occasionally scatter some puzzle tiles and groups.
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