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Masters of Puzzle 2018.0.6817 Release Notes

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New Features

  • Added full localization in German to the game
  • Added puzzle tile containers to the game. These allow the player to put puzzle tiles in via keyboard hotkeys or directly, to take out puzzle tiles one by one or to empty the entire container on the game board, to pick up and move the containers around (both empty and full), and to change the containers’ labels
  • Added the new GUI v2.2 to the game. This now applies to all interfaces
  • Added in-game hint system. Hints will be displayed to the player at appropriate times. The hint system can be disabled completely (recommended only for veteran players) and each hint can also be disabled individually
  • Added new game mouse cursors. The mouse cursor is now contextual and will change based on the current action attempted by the player

General Changes

  • Removed authentication in Photon from the initial authentication sequence. Photon will only be used when entering the multiplayer lobby
  • Game settings will only update from the server if the minor game version matches the downloaded configuration; otherwise, the local settings will be used
  • Added new pause game menu that is accessible by pressing the F10 key on your keyboard or by clicking on the new button with a cog icon located on the action bar on the top left
  • The Save & Exit button has been moved from the action bar to the new pause game menu

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 2017.4.10f1

Other Changes & Additions

  • Added a blue ribbon that indicates that the puzzle has been completed to saved games in Load Game selection interface
  • New general options available related to the hint system – disable all hints and reset hints to their initial state
  • Added a new button to the new pause game menu that allows the player to exit directly to the desktop. Game progress will still be saved when using this action
  • Changed the in-game logo of Masters of Puzzle

Bug Fixes

  • Only minor and cosmetic fixes in this release
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