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Masters of Puzzle 2019.1.7390 Release Notes

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General Changes

  • Puzzle tile sizes across different tilesets are now closer to each other and more consistent from tileset to a tileset. This feature will only work for new games while old saved games should remain unaffected
  • The puzzle box is now placed in the center of the playing surface when starting a new game. You can move it away by using Alt + LMB interaction
  • The puzzle model is now consistent in size across all tilesets and puzzles (it would previously scale up and down based on tilesets and puzzle sizes)
  • Created a new mechanism for puzzle tile mesh colliders usage. This improves game performance drastically and allows the game to be played with the largest tilesets (2500+)
  • When called for inspection, the puzzle model will now take about half of the viewport to the right. This will allow the player to compare it much easier with the puzzle assembly while moving around and rotating the camera
  • Improved significantly the puzzle tiles mesh generation algorithm. They will look flatter and will no longer appear to have big sunken triangle wedges towards female links
  • Changed the rendering color space to Linear. This will improve visual quality significantly
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for sending puzzle tiles to containers (keys from F2 to F7). This feature will work for individual held puzzle tiles, puzzle tile groups, and multiple puzzle tiles that are held together

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to Unity Engine 2019.3.7f1

Other Changes & Additions

  • Reduced overall puzzle tile thickness by 40%
  • Increased individual puzzle tile weight by 50%
  • Improved the puzzle packing algorithm to place puzzle tiles lower in the box first and only move up if no free space is found there (if was distributing them evenly before that resulting in more tiles dropping simultaneously)
  • Random seed initialization now happens during game initialization in the main menu rather than when starting the game scene
  • Added a new hint at game start to remind players how to move the puzzle box away from the puzzle mat
  • Improved the game hints manager to load hints data from a JSON file instead of being hardcoded
  • Reduced the puzzle assembly area by 25% (necessary for the bigger puzzle tilesets 2500+)
  • Redesigned the way puzzle tile groups work with mesh colliders. They will now get their own combined mesh collider while the puzzle tiles inside them will have their colliders always disabled
  • Added hours to the in-game timer widget
  • Added hours to the timer for load games and removed the seconds
  • Changed the Graphics API for Windows to automatically pick up the best DirectX or OpenGL version available on the system
  • Added new cursor icons for actions “remove” and “grab”. These will be changed automatically when the proper key is pressed
  • Enabled the functionality to spawn up to 6 containers on the play surface

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed false self-shadows on puzzle tiles that were visible as dark diagonal lines which prevented the image from being observed properly
  • Fixed an issue with the generation of the playing surface where mesh triangles at the hole edges would sometimes overlap the hole itself
  • Fixed a bug with a math function used to determine if a mesh point is inside a triangle
  • Fixed a bug with puzzle tile groups on game load that would sometimes make them link under an angle
  • Fixed PhysX collider issues with a few models that contained large triangles which prevented the engine from working correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor would not lock during camera rotation with RMB causing sometimes unintended edge scrolling
  • Fixed some minor issues in the Tutorial which happened after the latest changes to the game
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some puzzle tiles sent to a container to actually drop outside
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a container to spawn outside the playing surface
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