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Masters of Puzzle 2019.1.7401 Release Notes

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General Changes

  • Added puzzle model stand item model that can be rotated around the game board with the interaction tool. Holding LMB and moving in either screen direction will cause the stand to move left or right along the edge of the game board
  • Redesigned the functionality for interactable object movement. It will now rely on advanced collision detection rather than raycasting
  • Redesigned the distance-to-surface deterministic algorithm and improved its accuracy
  • Created a new menu for the player’s earned achievements overview
  • Added Key Mapping system for all allowed actions (yes, finally!)
  • Added puzzle box difficulty rating system and set preliminary ratings to all puzzle boxes. Puzzle difficulty rating will now be displayed in the Start Game menu for each puzzle box

Component Upgrades

  • Upgraded to ASE 1.7.9
  • Upgraded to Photon SDK 1.102

Other Changes & Additions

  • Improved the mesh collision detection for puzzle tiles and puzzle tile groups. It will be more accurate now on the edges and puzzle links
  • Adjusted the strength of the puzzle model light to be slightly less bright
  • Increased the puzzle tile linking trigger area – both on top and to the sides – to allow easier linking
  • Changed the auto-authenticate setting with Steam in PlayFab to be ON by default (necessary for proper data exchange with our Playfab server)
  • Added most missing translations for PT
  • Saved games will now remember if you put puzzle tile groups in containers
  • Saved games will now remember the last position of the puzzle model stand
  • Added mechanism to restrict getting surface points with the mouse to remain inside the game board
  • Doubled the height at which puzzle tiles are thrown in the containers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed few small issues with puzzle tiles and puzzle tile groups safe distance to other objects calculation while moving them around
  • Fixed a bug with the restoration of puzzle containers and the puzzle tiles within on game load that would sometimes cause the tiles to spawn in an offset position
  • Fixed a bug with placing puzzle tiles and puzzle tile groups back on the game board if they somehow found themselves outside or beneath the surface
  • Fixed a bug that was causing orphaned puzzle tile groups to remain on the game board cluttering the scene with invisible colliders
  • Fixed a bug that prevented puzzle tile groups in other than correct orientation from being linked to each other or standalone puzzle tiles
  • Fixed a bug with puzzle tile containers where overflowing containers would not be able to identify all puzzle tiles put in them as actually being in them
  • Fixed performance issues with the puzzle tile highlighting feature
  • Fixed several issues related to puzzle tile containers and their usage. These should behave significantly more reliable now and will allow you to put and store small puzzle tile groups in them
  • Fixed an issue with all raycast collision detections that was causing it to also pick up trigger colliders (was not intended)
  • Fixed a bug that would leave the Load Game button disabled after failing to load corrupted saved game file
  • Fixed an issue with puzzle tile containers that caused them to behave abnormally when moved around
  • Fixed a bug that prevented puzzle tiles from being put back in the puzzle box
  • Fixed various issues with the movement of all interactable objects that caused unexpected collisions, leave the game board, scatter other objects, and etc.
  • Fixed a bug with Rigidbody movement that caused puzzle tiles in containers to sometimes explode out of them on game load
  • Fixed a bug with the invisible game board wall that would allow sometimes large interactable objects to pass-through
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the puzzle tiles in the box to shift their positions outwards when the box was moved fast over the surface
  • Fixed a bug that was causing puzzle tiles in the box to be positioned slightly higher on game load than their stored positions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented new puzzle tile containers from being spawned even if there was enough space on the game board
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing puzzle tiles in hand from being interacted with
  • Fixed a bug that was showing achievement completion date in new game view (not intended)
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