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Masters of Puzzle 2019.1.7431 Release Notes

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General Changes

  • Freestanding puzzle tiles can now be thrown into a container using the corresponding shortcut keys (F2 to F7) without the need to pick them up first – simply point the mouse cursor on a puzzle tile you want to send to a container and hit the corresponding key
  • Improved the in-game GUI for puzzle tile containers. Open/close of a container widget now happens with a mouse click rather than a hoover. The visible section shows only tile information, shortcut key, and the custom label. The stash and empty buttons are now hidden
  • Extended the game Tutorial with additional steps to cover most of the advanced game features
  • Enabled 2500, 3000, and 4000 tilesets for puzzle boxes “Steampunk Hearse”, “The Goblin Watermill”, “Clockwork Factory”, and “The Being”

Other Changes & Additions

  • Adjusted some labels to make them more accurate and easy to understand
  • Added gameplay statistics data collection (used for analytics purposes only)
  • Changed container empty function to use LMB for Confirm action and RMB for Cancel action
  • ESC key now opens/closes the in-game menu (this is in addition to the F10 key doing the same)
  • Added more than 60 new achievements
  • Reduced the size of the screenshot attachments in bug reports (was causing some of them to be declined for players with large screen resolutions)
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