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Masters of Puzzle Leaves Early Access

Dear friends, we are now entering final preparations to leave Early Access on Steam. The target date for this is 30.05.2020. All planned features have been completed and the majority of the identified issues are now fixed. We are quite satisfied with the current state of the game in terms of stability. There is one final round of polish still remaining and then we’ll publish the last version in the 2019.1 release series. Of course, we will continue to support the game in the future as well as continue to add new features and more content. These are some (but not all) of the things you can expect, listed in no particular order:

  • Improved and recurring game events
  • Competitions with awards
  • Integration with Discord
  • Greater variation in puzzle tile shapes
  • Consumable game hints (helpers)
  • Easy-mode play options
  • Expert-mode play options
  • Auto-generated missions during gameplay
  • Double-sided puzzles
  • Many more free and paid puzzle boxes

With the exit from Early Access, there will be some changes to the pricing of the game and the puzzle boxes. The game will become more expensive (about two times its current price) and so will some of the puzzle boxes. If you have Masters of Puzzle on your Wishlist, now is a great time to get it at its current price. The base game comes with 15 free and very beautiful puzzle boxes that can provide literally hundreds of hours of gameplay.

For all of our Early Access players, thank you for your continued support, valuable feedback, and help in testing Masters of Puzzle. Your participation was invaluable in bringing our creation to its current state and shape. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy and play our game in the future. There is nothing more satisfactory than seeing you, our fans, spend so much good time with something that we’ve envisioned and created. Please don’t forget to rate Masters of Puzzle on Steam – it helps greatly in reaching a wider audience of players and expanding the community.

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