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New Puzzle Collection – Terran Utopia by Christian Hecker

With great pleasure, we want to present a brand new collection for Masters of Puzzle that will be released alongside our exit of Early Access later this month. It contains 5 amazing illustrations by the German artist Christian Hecker. We contacted Chris last month because we liked very much his art and the fact it’s so suited for creating puzzles. He was happy to start a collaboration with us and see his art in our game. Here is a short introduction by Chris himself:

Hi, my name is Christian and I’m from Nuremberg, Germany. In the ever-growing world of Digital Art (Artstation, Deviantart, etc.) you can also find me under the name ‘Tigaer’. I’m currently freelancing and open for commissions in the fields of Illustration for all kinds of covers as well as concept art for whatever is requested and fits my style. I started my professional journey around 2008 and learned a lot of different techniques since then. For my work, it seems like I settled with a mix of 3d and 2d that is combined and refined with Photoshop.


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This new puzzle collection is named Terran Utopia and features wonderful renderings of the humanity future as imagined by Christian. We are amazed by the amount of detail in the illustrations as well as the stunning imagination of the author. The puzzle boxes are still locked, but until then here is a sneak peek of the entire collection:



In Serenity


Worlds We Know

We hope you like the art and will have a great time with the puzzles created with it. Make sure to share your thoughts and comments below so we know whether we bring you illustrations you love and enjoy.

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