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Masters of Puzzle – New Version 2019.1.7427 Released

Hi everyone, this is a small update mostly related to the new puzzle collection we plan to release with our exit from early access (check out our other post about the collection itself). We also finished the in-game part of our new puzzle rating system:

  • Interface: Added functionality to submit player ratings for completed puzzle boxes both from within the collections menu and upon game completion
  • Interface: Restricted puzzle ratings to be accessible only to authenticated and registered players
  • Content: Added new puzzle collection in Traditional art with 5 new puzzle boxes in it. These are currently still locked
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused too many puzzle tiles to be generated for boxes above 2000 puzzle tiles
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing puzzle tiles to not be generated at all due to false collision detections

You can find the full release notes on our website here.

Puzzle Box Difficulty Rating System – Continued

As a reminder, the game uses a rating system with 9 levels of difficulty each with a key letter that links them to our Achievements system. The ratings are also color-coded for easy identification going in a gradient from soft blue (N) to soft red (R). You can now submit a rating for each puzzle box completed with a certain tileset configuration. You can do that from within the game either upon the puzzle completion or at any time from the collections GUI in the Main Menu.

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