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Special Event – Halloween 2019

Another Halloween is just around the weekend and we could not let it go unacknowledged. As the tradition dictates, once again we’ve compiled a new special event for you with brand new and awesome puzzles. We’ve already shared a preview of the great art last week so make sure to check it out if you’ve missed it.

Halloween 2019 Event

This year’s event will start on the 24th of October and continue all the way to the 21st of November. We hope this isn’t the first special event you join in Masters of Puzzle but in case you’re new to the game read this short explanation so you know what to expect.

The event has already been enabled in the game and you should be seeing a new widget on the main menu screen. That is the Event Widget and it will both show you the objectives and keep track of your progress. While you play during the time of the event you can earn a set of special rewards. Currently, these are only displayed in Steam as achievements but once we roll out the room customization upgrade you will also gain special trophies that you will be able to display there.

For all the new players, you should be aware that the Masters of Puzzle features limited achievements – or challenges, as we call them. These you can get only under special circumstances and usually only inside a limited timeframe (like events). Once the opportunity to get such an achievement passes, it might not come again for a long time or ever! We will announce all such new achievements early on so you have time to prepare your strategy to get as many of them as you can. Keep an eye on the updates and the game news in order to stay informed.

For the full list of challenges in this event see the list at the end of this post.

Event Challenges

These are only obtainable from the 24th of October 2019 until the 21st of November 2019.

  • Play the game during the Halloween 2019 event
  • Complete each individual Halloween 2019 Edition puzzle box in any tileset configuration during the Halloween 2019 event
  • Complete any 3 puzzle boxes during the Halloween 2019 event
  • Complete any 5 puzzle boxes during the Halloween 2019 event
  • Complete any 10 puzzle boxes during the Halloween 2019 event

We wish you luck in obtaining as many as possible. Let the competition begin!

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