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Masters of Puzzle – New Version 2019.1.7236 Released

Hello, Puzzle builders, we are pleased to announce another small update coming to you today. Apart from some bug fixes, we also added a few old-new features requested by the community. Here is a short overview:

  • Gameplay: Added functionality to empty the puzzle box contents on the game board and put it away under the table. You can do that by holding the X key and clicking with the LMB anywhere on the box. Be mindful, though, that this action is currently irreversible!
  • Gameplay: Added an Auto-Save functionality while in-game together with the corresponding setting to configure it in the Options menu. You can also disable it in case you don’t want auto-saves in your game
  • Gameplay: Re-enabled the puzzle model inspection action with the G key. You can once again call up the puzzle model image for a closer look
  • Gameplay: Re-implemented the puzzle tile inspection action now with the V key. You can once again call up a puzzle tile for a closer look. That puzzle tile has to be free-standing though (i.e. not in a group or in your hand)
  • Gameplay: Implemented support for placing puzzle tile groups in containers (including in the puzzle box) – this was previously impossible as the containers were unaware of them even if visually you could still place them inside. The results of this action are also preserved between saves
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where the game quality was always set to Ultra at game start disregarding the player’s choice in the Options menu

You can find the full release notes on our website here.

We also have a new Halloween event for you starting today along with the expected limited achievements. More information about it, though, we’ll post in a separate news update.

Known Issues

  • The game tutorial is currently disabled until we manage to adjust the parts of it concerning the new Player Controls 2.0 features.

Thanks for playing!

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