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Masters of Puzzle – New Version 2018.0.6973 Released

Here comes a new release version 2018.0.6973 of Masters of Puzzle. This one is primarily a bug-fix version and engine upgrade mixed with a couple of new small features.

Let’s take a look at what’s new or changed in this new release:

  • Gameplay: Added a Quick Save functionality to the game. You can now save your game progress without exiting the game scene. To find the new button, open the in-game menu with F10 or the corresponding interface button
  • Gameplay: The lighting switch will now preserve its state across game loads
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which falsely showed the upcoming Clockwork Factory puzzle box as unlocked. It will unlock on 7th of February and the game will now be properly aware of this fact
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that prevented puzzle tile groups thrown outside of the play area to be found and returned to the box
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that made the puzzle tile locator algorithm to make no difference between the surface position of the mat and the play table
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where puzzle tiles and groups would not hover over other objects correctly if moved over the puzzle mat area

You can find the full release notes on our website here.

This release should fix the majority of issues related to missing puzzle tiles and groups from the game board. If you had such a problem and it prevented you from finishing your puzzle, load that game again and take a look inside the puzzle box. The missing tiles should now be found there.

What about some new stuff?

While this is mostly a polishing release, we haven’t forgotten our roadmap. Currently, we are working on the Player Controls 2.0 feature which unfortunately takes a large effort to complete. Since it affects many portions of the game (even the tutorial), there is a lot of things to adjust and be careful not to break. Nevertheless, it progresses well and it will be part of the first major release for this year.

Additionally, 2 new puzzle boxes are coming to you in February – Clockwork Factory and The Being. Both are part of our Steampunk Visions collection and both are quite interesting as puzzle challenges. We’ll be happy to hear about your experiences assembling these two.

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