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Discord Chat & Christmas 2018 Event

Here in Europe, the first snow is already on the ground and we are preparing for Christmas. You know, presents, holiday planning, stress… ahem, we mean joy and anticipation :steammocking: And what better time to start the next Masters of Puzzle special event than now? You can laugh at the snow and cold outside, open your laptop, and start building beautiful puzzles. And if you’re in more temperate regions of the world wearing a t-shirt and wondering what snow we’re blabbering about, well, just pretend for a bit in solidarity with us poor souls.

On another thought entirely, communication with our players has always been very important to us. Therefore, we’ve decided to open a Masters of Puzzle Discord server where we can talk and interact in a more convenient and fast way than the Steam forums.

Christmas 2018 Event

We hope you participated in our previous event for Halloween this year, but if you haven’t here is a brief summary of what you can expect. The event will start on 7th of December and continue for a whopping weeks until the 4th of January next year. During that time enter the game and play your favorites or any of the new Christmas Edition puzzles in order to earn special rewards. The event widget in the game’s dashboard will once again allow you to keep track of the remaining event time and how many challenges you have completed so far. While currently these are only displayed in Steam as achievements, once we roll out the room customization upgrade you will also gain special trophies that you will be able to display there.

For the new players, you should be aware that Masters of Puzzle features limited achievements– or challenges, as we call them. These you can get only under special circumstances and usually only inside a limited timeframe (like events). Once the opportunity to get such an achievement passes, it might not come again for a long time or ever! We will announce all such new achievements early on so you have time to prepare your strategy to get as many of them as you can. Keep an eye on the updates and the game news in order to stay informed.

For the full list of challenges in this event see the list at the end of this post.

Discord Chat

As we mentioned above, we put great value in direct and open communication with our players. Therefore, we’ve set up and opened a new Discord server, where we can keep in touch with you in a more efficient and fast way. Discord is a popular all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on your desktop, web-browser, and phone.

To join our Discord server, please use this direct link. You will need to have an active Discord account or create a new one.

When you first join the chat server, you will be moved into the default guests role. Guests are able to see most of the channels and communicate in some of them – the ones, that are relevant for people who don’t own the game. If you do own Masters of Puzzle and want to access the owners-only chat channels, then you should send us a request directly on Discord or here in Steam in order to be added to the role of game owner. Game owners will have the opportunity to discuss current and beta releases, suggest ideas or feature requests, and see some exclusive work-in-progress.

We hope to see you in Discord soon.

Event Challenges

These are only obtainable from 7th of December 2018 until the 4th of January 2019.

  • Play the game during the Christmas 2018 event
  • Complete each individual Christmas Edition puzzle box in any tileset configuration during the Christmas 2018 event
  • Complete any 3 puzzle boxes during the Christmas 2018 event
  • Complete any 5 puzzle boxes during the Christmas 2018 event
  • Complete any 10 puzzle boxes during the Christmas 2018 event

We wish you luck in obtaining as many as possible.

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