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New Puzzle Collection – Steampunk Visions

Another awesome collection of new puzzle boxes comes to Masters of Puzzle starting this December. It features 4 illustrations from our partnering artist, Elwira Pawlikowska. Some of you might already be familiar with Elwira, whose illustration Pumking Garden House participated as a puzzle box in our Halloween event.

The new collection is named Steampunk Visions and, you’ve guessed it, orbits around the steampunk genre as envisioned by the author. Each of the illustrations is wonderfully done in traditional art with an amazing level of details and colors. The puzzle boxes are all paid content and will feature all the benefits of our purchasable DLCs like an extended number of puzzle tile configurations, special achievements, and more to come. The first puzzle box is coming next week, but until then here is a sneak peek of the entire collection:

Steampunk Hearse
The Goblin Watermill
Clockwork Factory
The Being


We hope you like the art and will have a great time with the puzzles created with it. Make sure to share your thoughts and comments below so we know whether we bring you illustrations you love and enjoy.

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