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Masters of Puzzle – New Version 2018.0.6901 Released

It’s finally here! The Masters of Puzzle gameplay tutorial is now ready and available with the latest release version 2018.0.6901. New players and returning ones alike can get familiar with the basics of the game in this controlled environment. That’s not all there is in this update, though. Check out the highlights:

  • Gameplay: A gameplay tutorial is now available from the main menu
  • Gameplay: Puzzle tiles and puzzle tile groups will now detect and hover over other objects when moved around
  • Gameplay: Changed the puzzle tiles default snap settings from minimum to the middle of the scale (for returning players – you might have to reset the options to their defaults to apply this change)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that prevented the playtime stat from being saved in Steam
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where in rare cases puzzle tiles left on the assembly area would be incorrectly returned to the puzzle box because they were identified as lost

You can find the full release notes here.

Gameplay Tutorial

The tutorial will introduce the player to the general controls as well as the various game items and the interactions with them. By the end, any new player should have a basic familiarity with the game and have a little taste of the challenges it provides. We’ve tried to keep things simple and straightforward and to find a good balance between textual explanations and practical exercises. Nevertheless, we will appreciate any feedback from you, our players. Tell us if you find some parts of it unclear or too hard and especially if you think something important is missing altogether.

The tutorial features an exclusive puzzle image, The Titan’s Goblet by Thomas Cole, which will not be made available as a regular puzzle box. In addition, the tutorial will slice the puzzle into a set of 100 puzzle tiles, in order to make this easier for beginners. However, the 100-tileset is not available with the regular puzzle boxes as it is far too easy to represent any meaningful challenge.

We still urge you to give it a try, though, as it offers a unique experience and in the end, you might even find a small surprise.

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