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Game Item Preview – Inspection Lens Connector Arm

In this game item preview episode, we’ll take a look at one very interesting property – the Inspection Lens Connector Arm. As you already know, we’re aiming at realism in Masters of Puzzle and having the Inspection Lens simply hang in the air won’t do. Therefore we’ve designed this elaborate contraption in order to attach the lens in a cool way to the Puzzle Model Frame. It is a mechanically realistic item, which means that every part has its practical purpose. It is also specifically designed to move in such a way as to allow the lens to reach every part of the puzzle image.

Animating the connector arm was a challenging task, but we are very happy with the final result as it behaves in a very realistic way.

Engine Renderings

Take a look at the connector arm in these renderings showing it on its own and then attached to the lens and the frame itself:

Inspection Lens Connector Arm

Inspection Lens Connector Arm with Details

Inspection Lens Connector Arm Expanded

Inspection Lens Connector Arm Attached

Inspection Lens Connector Arm Attached 2


You will be able to see it in action with the next release update. In the meantime stay tuned for more.

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