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Masters of Puzzle – New Version 2018.0.6709 Released - Belleal Games
Belleal Games

Masters of Puzzle – New Version 2018.0.6709 Released

Hello everyone, some big news today. Appart from releasing a new stable version of Masters of Puzzle full with new features, we also went live in Steam as Early Access game. You can visit the store page here and get the game for yourselves. From now on all future releases will be provided directly via Steam as we discontinue our private tests.

But what about the new features? Well, there are quite a lot of them and in addition to the usual highlights list, we also have a short video at the end of this post. Make sure to check it out!

Major Changes in Version 2018.0.6709

These are the major new additions to the game:

  • Gameplay: Added an in-game lighting switch to the GUI. You can now adjust the main light intensity in the playroom to your liking
  • Gameplay: Added in-game help menu. In it, you will find instructions on how to play, what the goal is, and how to use the various controls
  • Gameplay: Added full puzzle image preview in puzzle selection GUI
  • Gameplay: Added in-game bug reporting system. In case you encounter any issue while playing, report it directly from inside the game without leaving. The benefit here is that the game will automatically collect system data and a screenshot for us to review
  • Gameplay: Added functionality to delete saved games which you don’t want to keep anymore
  • Gameplay: Implemented player movement restriction on the horizontal axis in a radius inside the new playroom. It is no longer possible to leave the playroom or get too far from the play table
  • Gameplay: The GUI showing the puzzle view categories and boxes selection will now show locked items with their intended availability date (if any). The categories will also show the number of owned puzzle boxes by the player. The puzzle boxes selection will also show which of them are free content
  • Content: Created a new, detailed playroom model. This will be the default playroom for all players until we implement the functionality for custom playroom selection
  • Content: Created a new circular play table to match the new default playroom
  • Framework: Overhauled the authentication and registration GUI and underlying logic. This includes authentication using active Steam session and linking of Steam accounts to Belleal Games player accounts
  • Framework: All puzzle boxes will now be separated from the main game as additional packages in order to shrink the general installation size and allow the player to choose what to download additionally. These puzzle boxes will correspond to separate DLCs
  • Framework: The game configuration will now be updated automatically from the game servers if possible (i.e. there is active Internet connection). If this is not possible, the game will be restricted with the configurations included with the initial installation
  • Settings: The general limit for puzzle tileset selection for all puzzle boxes is now set to 1000 tiles. To unlock a greater number of puzzle tiles the player would have to complete specific achievements and/or acquire them via the game store (the in-game store will be available in a later release)
  • Settings: Adjusted the game graphics setting to better match the new environment of the game. This might impact performance in low-end PCs a bit but should give a much better visuals

And these are just the main additions. Make sure to check the full release notes here. As usual, we’ll be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Playroom Preview Video

As we promised, here is the preview video of our brand new playroom. We named it the Six-Views Cabinet. Enjoy!

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