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Game Item Preview – Puzzle Tile Containers

Greetings all, it’s been a few days, but we’ve been working hard on several new features we want to include in the upcoming release of Masters of Puzzle. One of these will be the Puzzle Tile Containers game items.

Solving a jigsaw with many tiles is often difficult and you might want to sort and organize them into different piles. Piles get in the way, though, and there is no easy way to move them around the board. Therefore we introduce the tile containers. You will be able to put tiles into the containers currently present on the board and later review or retrieve them as you start building the puzzle. There is a shortcut key for each present container (by default from 1 to 6 on your keyboard) and you only need to press it while holding a tile in order to “throw” it into the associated container. The containers are displayed both physically on the game board and also in the GUI with a detailed information and some control options. Currently, the game is limited to a maximum of 6 containers at a time.

Each container can also be labeled to easily distinguish which of them holds what type of tiles. A label can be changed at any time, but some containers might not have a physical representation of the label, limiting it only to the GUI instead.

Engine Renderings

Below you can see in-engine renderings of the Variant 1 and 1a tile containers that will be available for the upcoming release. As a bonus, we are including a third image that shows the compound colliders of the containers. These are used by the physics engine to make the 3D bowl behave as a real-world bowl. Or in other words, so you can put items inside of it and then move the entire thing around without spilling them.

Puzzle Tile Containers - Variant 1 & 1a

Puzzle Tile Containers - Variant 1 & 1a with Details

Puzzle Tile Containers - Variant 1 & 1a with Colliders

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for our next post that will outline details about the improved game controls schemas.

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