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About Us

Belleal Games is an independent game studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are passionate about creating beautiful and entertaining PC games and bringing them to you on various platforms for your complete enjoyment. Since we are passionate gamers ourselves and value quality, content depth, immersion, and limitless options, you can expect our games to deliver these same ideals to our players.

See our current projects below to learn more about what great games we are currently working on. You can also check our latest blog posts to see what’s new around here and what’s coming next. Or if you just want to reach out and chat, feel free to send us a message via the contacts page.

Current Projects

Masters of Puzzle

We deliver the ultimate jigsaw puzzle experience with our new game Masters of Puzzle. It’s a full 3D, physics enabled, beautiful simulation that you can enjoy whenever you want with whomever you want. Enjoy dozens of UHD puzzles in different styles and earn hundreds of achievements to show your mastery of puzzle building. Store your progress on any puzzle and resume at your convenience. Keep track of your and your friends’ accomplishments, participate in regular and special events, enter into contests, and do so much more. Our incredible game aims to give you as much flexibility and entertainment as possible.

Shard Worlds: Rise of Civilizations

In the vast sandbox of Shard Worlds, you raise your very own civilization from oblivion into might and glory. Make use of all the tools and options this complex game will provide you with to survive the challenges of time itself. Delve into all of the following aspects as deep or as shallow as you want: Demographics, Economy, Government, Commerce, Ideology, Science, Religion, or Warfare. Make hard choices at every turn… or just leave your people to decide for you. Just remember – your civilization will be a direct product of your actions or lack thereof.

Note: Wonderful paintings above are from 19th-century artist Thomas Cole.

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